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father / husband / musician / enterprise architecture design – implementation – consulting / artist / photographer / tinkerer / gamer / cyclist / runner / CABG survivor / guitarist / vocalist / pianist / maker / experimenter / pantry chef / reader / traveler / ambassador of good will / brewer / hat collector






Sonos and Mac OS X Yosemite

I've had a Sonos system installed here for about 8 months. I love it. It's probably the one piece of tech that I bought that my wife has actually said, "This. Is. Awesome." Well, besides the King Kong Christmas tree topper, but that doesn't really count. Anyway - I've slowly been converting from Windows to Mac in various household services - yes, I'm fully embracing the fanboy aspect of the Apple hegemony, but what is

And Yet You Are Not Weak

  you are fragile.   bones, bleached, will splinter and crumble to dust   skin, ashen, shall fall away carried by the wind   muscle, withered, will rot  picked to nothing by the carrion bird   blood, water of your life, will soak the earth   spirit, passing over dark waters, shall fade from time.   and yet   a broken bone  will mend; the solid core,  a pillar   calloused hands  wield a gentle

10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life

Pay attention. Be grateful. Stop comparing. Let go. Make space. Slow down. Admire small miracles. Write it down. Act like a tourist. Be extraordinary. Lovingly stolen from the memorial page for Mike



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